Newborn Filipinos in Singapore... Now What? - Summary

Published: 01st March 2011
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We finally completed our baby's papers here. I just thought this summary might come in handy for other Filipinos in Singapore who have a child born here. Here's a list of your to-do's in order to ensure that your child has the papers to have a valid stay in Singapore -- i.e., so your child is not an illegal alien, a TNT here.

This is divided into three main posts, as there is a waiting time in between each.

Part One: From Birth to Passport Application
The initial part consists of the following steps:
Birth Registration
Philippine Passport Application
Extension of 42-Day Limit
After registering your baby's birth, you have 42 days to complete your baby's valid pass to stay in Singapore. The valid pass requires a passport. So, next step is to apply for your child's Philippine passport. Once done, you wait for about six weeks for the passport. While waiting for the passport, don't forget to apply for the pass extension.

Part Two: Passport Collection, Pass Extension, and Application
Next steps:
Update: Extension of 42-Day Limit
Philippine Passport Collection
Long term Visit Pass Application (online)
Some additional notes when applying for the special pass extension of your child. Once you collect the passport, it's time to apply for the pass (Long Term Visit Pass or Dependent Pass). This is where we branch off. For us, we applied for the Long Term Visit Pass. Not sure exactly how to do the Dependent Pass, but your company (your sponsor, if you're an EP holder) should be able to help you out on this one. Otherwise, for LTVP just read on. Log your application on line and wait for 2 to 3 weeks.

Part Three: LTVP Approval and Issuance
Once approve, it's time to complete the formalities of the LTVP by going to ICA and submitting the documents.

Entire process takes about three (3) months to complete, including the waiting times. Any questions, let me know. I'll try to help/answer as best as I can. Believe me, we all need the help we can get! :)

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